Whether sweet or savoury, success is always delicious!

Meet the brands that are spreading the TOTTIS name to more than 40 countries! Each one has its own, exclusive recipe for success. But they all have the TOTTIS-BINGO quality seal and are made with love and respect for our consumers all over the world!

Serenata Amaretti Koukouroukou Champion Bruschettini Tottis Kornspitz

Our products

For more than 45 years, the ΤΟΤΤΙS name has accompanied some of the most popular products on the Greek market. Their taste has earned the love of children and adults from one generation to the next. Their quality has gained the trust of consumers in 40 countries throughout the world. The Group's passion for creating new and exciting flavours has led us to their hearts.
By focusing on innovation and qualitative excellence, TOTTIS has reached the top!
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Timeless reliability in the food sector

The TOTTIS-BINGO Group, one of the leading Greek-owned groups involved in the production and distribution of packaged snacks, boasts five decades of creativity and growth on the Greek and international market.
With strong brands and a clear focus on research and development, the Group never ceases to invest in infrastructure and human resources. The Group's brands are produced exclusively in Greece, at two ultra-modern privately-owned plants in Attica and Florina, with a total staff of around 600 people.
As an ambassador of contemporary Greek food production, the Group exports to 40 countries, and continuously strengthens and develops its international presence.

Quality is a commitment.
Enjoyment is an art!

The taste-buds cannot be fooled! The trust of our consumers never falters. The TOTTIS-BINGO Group bases its international presence on its commitment to top-quality products with a high nutritional value. Our operations are governed by the search for the best raw materials, the implementation of strict control systems, and international certifications.
We strive to achieve our ultimate objective, the "added value" for our products: the ethos and responsibility that govern our entire production cycle, coupled with respect for the environment and excellent working relationships with our producers, suppliers and partners.