Sustainable development

The future of the food industry is inextricably linked to respect for the environment and the sustainability of natural resources.
Naturally, it is our wish that there will always be sufficient quantities of our raw materials. We want our producers-suppliers to prosper and to rely on a sustainable land that will provide us with ever higher-quality products.
It is important for us that our clients be aware of the fact that all of this is part of a corporate philosophy that governs the entire production and distribution cycle at the TOTTIS Group.
This is why our operations consistently comply with legislation on good environmental practices, and why we use research and development to plan and implement a growth framework:
• that aims at rational management of natural resources during the production process;
• that achieves optimum management of water and other energy sources, and responsible management of solid and liquid waste. The TOTTIS FOODS INTERNATIONAL industrial unit in Florina has a biological plant for liquid waste treatment and suitable equipment for the management of solid waste at the Western Macedonia landfill site;
• that prioritizes the use of raw materials from Greece, and cooperation with Greek producers. In this way, we reduce our environmental footprint while also supporting Greek agricultural development and rural communities, which are able to remain competitive, evolve and apply contemporary cultivation methods.