Actively and effectively responsible
We believe that the fact that TOTTIS-BINGO has been successful on the Greek market for over 45 years, is intrinsically linked to the ethos that governs our operations and our respect for consumers and our internal and external partners. The corporate social responsibility policy that is consistently implemented by our companies consists of two main pillars.

We support Greek society through direct and indirect actions. The fact that all our products are produced exclusively in Greece constitutes tangible proof of our support. Our decision to support the Greek economy and society under the difficult circumstances of the last few years is unwavering.

We ensure that all our workers come from the local communities in which we operate. Our presence in the Industrial Area of Florina, a region characterized by high unemployment, makes this commitment even more significant.

We prioritize Greek producers and suppliers for our ingredients, because we want Greek rural communities to remain sustainable and competitive.

We respect our consumers by offering them select products with the best possible price/quality ratio. We claim the strictest of safety and quality certifications for our foods. We develop research for food products with ever higher nutritional values.

The environment
The sustainability of natural resources is inevitably linked to the sustainability of a food industry. We want healthy rural communities to support us but also to be able to rely on us. We aim to protect the land and preserve the sufficiency and quality of raw materials.

For this reason, we are opposed to the use of genetically modified ingredients and support environmentally aware producers who apply contemporary land use methods and respect natural resources.

For the same reason, our operations comply with current European environmental protection legislation. We make constant investments in upgrading the systems that reduce the ecological footprint of our activity. For example, the TOTTIS FOODS INTERNATIONAL industrial unit in Florina has a biological plant for liquid waste treatment and suitable equipment for the management of solid waste at the Western Macedonia landfill site.