Our mission

To satisfy consumer needs for new, safe, high-quality products.
To ensure that our signature remains a synonym for quality and enjoyment.
To be ambassadors for Greek quality food production and sound entrepreneurship on the international market.

Our values

Top quality and flavour
Dissemination of quality principles at all levels of operation of our companies.
The search for the best ingredients and the application of strict control systems certified by the most reliable international organisations.
Ongoing product research and development
Modern technology and skilled executives in the search for new, better products that satisfy the nutritional needs of our consumers and the requirements of the modern way of life.
Giving back to society
Our commitment to growing hand-in-hand with the society in which we operate, to increasing employment in the local societies that host us and to supporting Greek farmers and producers.
Respect for the environment
Continuous modernisation of our operating framework and harmonization with international regulations for the protection of the environment and the sustainability of natural resources.